Sacramento woman haunted by revenge porn

15:04 Nov 5 2013 Sacramento, CA, USA

Ten years after a 14-year-old girl posed for sexually explicit photographs, the pictures still haunt her.

"I met him in the Sacramento chat room on AOL," the woman, now 24, explains. "I allowed him to take pictures of me because I was drunk and on ecstasy, supplied by him."

She says the man, now 33, posted the pictures on her Myspace account in 2007 when she was a senior in high school.

The woman was able to remove the pictures but the embarrassment led her to drop out of school, where she says she had been in an honors program.

And her nightmare was just beginning.

In August, six years after she removed the pictures from Myspace, she found them posted on a foreign website that exists solely to provide a platform for ex-lovers to post revenge porn.

A link on the site that says "remove my name" redirects the user to a partner site demanding $499 for the service while offering no guarantees.

The man who allegedly took the photographs hung up when News10 tried to reach him by phone, but later sent an email.

"I didn't post any pictures of (her) or do I have any of her," he wrote. He said he has tried without success to have the website remove the pictures.

The woman said a 2007 investigation by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department went nowhere because of the difficulty in proving the photographer's identity.

But the woman just filed another report with the Sacramento Police Department in light of a new state law making revenge porn a crime.

Police spokeswoman Michelle Gigante confirmed an active investigation is underway, but could offer no details.

The woman said she has already lost one job because of the pictures and is afraid to apply for other jobs for fear of what a background check will turn up.

She has good reason to worry: The top results of a Google search using her name are the explicit photographs she posed for as a 14-year-old.
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