Two Brazilian women kill themselves after video tape and nude photos leadked

12:23 Nov 25 2013 Parnaíba - Piauí, Brazil

Within a short time span, two young women killed themselves in Brazil after men disclosed intimate videos and photos of them on social networks, thrusting the issue of revenge porn and leaked sex tapes back into the spotlight.

One of the cases occurred in the city of Parnaíba, Piauí on 10 November. Julia Rebeca, 17 years old, recorded a video in which she participated in a sex scene with a boy and another girl, and it was later released via mobile messaging application WhatsApp– a tool that is increasingly being used in Brazil to disseminate intimate videos. The video eventually began to be shared on the Internet. Rebeca even announced on Twitter her own suicide, and ended up strangling herself with the cord of her hair straightener. The girl was found dead in her bedroom.

The other girl who participated in the video also tried to commit suicide by poisoning herself, but was rescued in time and survived.

Another similar case occurred just four days later, this time with Giana Laura Fabi from Veranopolis in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The young woman hanged herself at home, and was later found by her family. She had showed her breasts to a boy during a conversation on Skype, and he confirmed to police that he took a screenshot and released the image among friends. A friend of Fabi received the photo and warned her about what happened. She reported to police that Fabi was upset about what was happening.

The issue of leaking intimate material on the Internet made headlines in Brazilian media last month with the #ForçaFran case, in which an intimate video of a young woman was shared through WhatsApp without her consent, awaking the debate around sexism and the society's control over the female body.

But this time the consequences were even more tragic.

Sexism that kills

Some posts reflecting on episodes involving the leakage of intimate materials focused on sexism and on the lack of character of the men who disclose this kind of material, often as a form of vengeance or revenge, or simply as a way to gain status among their peers.
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