Sexually bullied woman ready to tell her story to save other victims

18:39 Sep 23 2013 New England

Emily Lindin, who was a victim of sexual bullying when very young, has decided to publish her diaries that recall those days to help other girls who are victims of this type of attacks today.

Lindin has started "The Unslut Project" to share her experience with other women and girls and help to overcome sexual bullying.
She says that her parents helped her a lot to get over the situation, that she was able to study in university and is now enjoying life. But she considers that"if I were in school today, things might not have turned out so well. None of my friends had mobile phones in middle school, and though we used disposable cameras to document our parties, it would never have occurred to us to scan printed photos and post them online. Now, in a time when phones that can snap photos and immediately post them to social media sites are ubiquitous, the potential for widespread, public shaming can make sexual bullying even more traumatising".

Lindin says that cases of girls committing suicide because of cyberbulling in the last months reminder her of the old diaries she kept when she was a teen. "Hearing these girls' stories reminded me of my own experience being targeted as the school "slut"", she says. "At the time I hadn't felt comfortable confiding in my parents or other adults. I would have loved to be able to access an online community of women who had survived what I was going through. That's why I decided to share my own diary entries and encourage other women to share their stories. I wanted to provide some perspective to girls who currently feel trapped and ashamed, to reassure them that life will get better", she affirms.

The type of bulling Lindin experienced wasn't labelled "slut shaming" at that time; now this term is in common usage among feminists and is starting to become more widely recognised. Slut shaming refers to making a woman feel guilty or inferior for her real or perceived sexual behaviour.

Lindin says that she hopes that The UnSlut Project will be part of a much larger movement to work towards change in personal self- awareness of prejudices, interactions with others, and support of comprehensive sex education and sex-positive legislation.
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