Tech related VAW is on the rise in Kenya

12:09 Sep 20 2013 Nairobi, Kenya

In an interview to Racheal Nakitare, from the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT), she points to the increase of tech-related VAW in her country.

APCNews: If you were asked to take a picture of the tech-related VAW in Kenya, what would it look like?

RN: Tech-related VAW is on the rise. It feels like the new kid on the block. Too much excitement and abuse because of lack of regulatory mechanisms that ensure security and safety for both users and victims.

APCNews: What are your expectations regarding your participation in the “End violence” project?

RN: We aim to sensitise women on the rampant abuse using online platforms, make sure they can identify the violations and be empowered enough to report so that the reports form the basis for research which will in turn inform the formulation of policies that protect online users from abuse.

APCNews: What do you think will be your most significant input during the course of the project?

RN: Our members will map the reports and build evidence around technology-based violence. They will also sensitise and train women in secure online communications so that more women are encouraged to embrace technology. We will use our professional “tools of the trade” to lobby policy makers to come up with policies and laws that guarantee security online.
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