Scandalous posting on Facebook charged for damages

12:06 Sep 5 2013 Pretoria, South Africa

An extremely scandalous posting on Facebook will cost a Pretoria woman - the author of the damned posting, and her husband, who was tagged in the message - R40 000 in damages following a ruling by the Pretoria High Court.

Acting Judge Jan Hiemstra on Wednesday ruled that a senior manager and mother of two, who instituted the damages claim, be compensated. None of the parties is being named, as there are young children involved. The mother (the plaintiff) turned to the court claiming that her former husband and his new wife were badmouthing her in cyberspace.

She especially felt aggrieved by two postings on Facebook by her former husband’s wife and certain comments which followed on the woman’s Facebook wall.

The judge said although the former husband was not the author of the postings, he was tagged and knew about them and allowed his name to be coupled with that of his (new) wife. “He is thus as liable as the first defendant (the author of the postings),” the judge said.
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