Victimm of child pornography sues her exploiters

18:15 Sep 4 2013 Pittsburg, Philadelphia, USA

Masha Allen was once called the Internet's "most famous little girl" - for the most horrific of reasons.

A Russian orphan, Allen was adopted at age 5 by a Pittsburgh businessman who sexually abused and exploited her online for years. Her widely circulated images came to personify the darkest corners of the Internet.

After being rescued in 2003, Allen took her story public. Congress was so moved that it passed a law in her name, giving child pornography victims the right to recoup damages from anyone caught with their images.

Now 20, Allen seeks to do just that.

In a federal class-action lawsuit filed Friday in Philadelphia, Allen names the adoptive father, Matthew A. Mancuso, and 13 other men convicted of possessing or transmitting her photos. From each she seeks at least $150,000, the minimum payout under Masha's Law.
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