Man charged with unlawful surveillance after uploading intimate video

14:00 Sep 3 2013 Staten Island, NY, USA

An unemployed Brooklyn man secretly videotaped himself having sex with his girlfriend and then posted the romps on Craigslist and a porn Web site after she broke up with him, sources said.

Robert Press, 29, who lives at home with his mother, was charged with unlawful surveillance after he allegedly shared the video of his intimate moments with the 32-year-old woman from Staten Island.

Cops said Press suffers from agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder.

The woman, a city EMS worker, got wind of the deed and ordered Craigslist to remove the video.

But she was apparently not as successful with the porn site, which continues to share the session.

Cops said she didn’t know she was being taped.

Press was arraigned Saturday night in Brooklyn Supreme Court, where his bail was set at $250,000.

It was not immediately known where the videos were taken.

The woman could not be reached for comment.
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