Activist's picture stolen and tampered to attack feminists

19:30 Aug 23 2013 Chicago, IL, USA

A US feminist activist's photo was tampered and circulated in internet sites, social networks and lists to mock feminists. The activist found that in a few hours her picture had almost 2000 shares.

"At first, I was in shock", said the activist. "I was upset. I posted it in a closed Facebook group and asked folks to help me report it. About a dozen or so folks reported it, I reported it and waited for Facebook to take it away. When I finally got a response, they told me it didn’t violate their Community Standards".

But she took action and decided to respond with more feminists' pictures and looked for other women's support. Many photos were sent to express solidarity with her.

"This experience has taught me that while one cruel person can ruin my morning, I have an entire community of friends, family, and feminists to back me up.", said the activist
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