Online game to slap woman politician on the face

13:50 Aug 7 2013 Nashua, NH, USA

A Republican Super PAC prominently features a game on their website that allows users to slap former secretary of state and possible 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton across the face. The game is being hosted on the website for The Hillary Project, an anti-Clinton Super PAC that lists its address in Nashua, New Hampshire.

The website states that the game was “Created and produced by The SlapHillary Team,” and began spamming reporters to its existence Monday with the tweet, “Have you slapped Hillary today?”

According to the website, the game is in fact old “and was created Marie Poe, an award-winning filmmaker and animation producer of numerous hit shows, including MTV’s Beavis and Butthead.” The website also states the game was created in 2000.
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