Woman attacked in "revenge porn" site

13:27 Jul 31 2013 Wisconsin, USA

A 33 year old woman, resident of Texas, USA, was horrified by intimate images posted in a revenge porn site by an ex boyfriend she had dropped when she was 24. “I was devastated and I felt like everything I had worked for my whole life had just been destroyed” she told NBC 15. is one of many "revenge porn" sites. They allow users to upload explicit pictures of their exes without their consent. And it's not against the law. The pics sometimes also include personal information, a link to a person's Facebook, where they live, where they work, even what they drive.

Dozens of victims are now suing The site was taken down, but several others, just like it, are still up and running.

Right now, lawmakers in both California and Florida are pushing to criminalize revenge porn. In Wisconsin, Representative John Spiros says the issue hasn't yet been brought up. He says he plans to now work on a proposal to present to his constituents."There is a defamation clause under the statutes that this could fall under. The issue is to get prosecutors to prosecute it” says Spiros.
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