Zerlina Maxwell receives racist and violent threats afterTV appearance

13:59 Mar 12 2013 New York, NY, USA

Zerlina Maxwell was on a recent news show to address the misinformed public conversation about rape, specifically the role of firearms in rape prevention on college campuses. She argued that carrying a weapon would not address the real need - that men need to be taught not to rape. She stated:

“If firearms are the answer, then the military would be the safest place for women,” said Maxwell. “And it’s not.”

The news article author, Tara Murtha, documented some of the abuse that resulted after the appearance:
"For her audacity, Maxwell received a torrent of abusive tweets. These Twitter users said she should be gang-raped and that her throat should be slit. They called her a “nigger.” Many others simply insisted on perpetuating a false, twisted representation of her argument: Zerlina Maxwell believes women should be raped instead of using a gun on a rapist."
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