Harassment by Ex-Partner

01:52 Nov 21 2011 13, Lorong 4/48 E, Seksyen 4, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

The ex-partner of the informant who had been abusive physically during the relationship suddenly sends her an sms claiming to want to reconnect. Despite ignoring his sms, he then started harassing her via calls to her present mobile number. He had obtained her number from a common friend who had not known the relationship had ended. The relationship had ended more than 10 years ago. The informant was appalled at the audacity of the ex-partner in assuming he could barge into the informant's life. She felt this was a deeply entrenched perception in men, that women were their possessions. She stood firm and sent him a terse sms warning him that this was tantamount to harassment and that she would not hesitate report him to the police. She meticulously documented all the exchanges in the event she needed to press charges against him. However, it was a traumatic experience for the informant who felt as if she was reliving the abuse she had previously suffered. This time however, she was in control and he stopped the harassment.

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