08:13 Dec 1 2010 Toro, Amuru district, Uganda

In life people always have memories of good things that happen to them but unfortunately to a woman who live in Toro Parish, Amuru Sub-County in Amuru District December 2010 is a month that she will never forget as seen in the way she narrated her story because she kept saying she will never forget the bad things that happened to her life in December 2010.

“After our marriage four years ago, December 2010 is the month that I will never forget because it has left unforgettable memories in my life. I almost lost my life in the hand of my so called husband. It was this month that he beat and left me with wounds in all most all my body parts. It was the month I heard all sorts of abusive, shameful words describing me, my husband referred to me as a useless woman, prostitute and ugly.

My husband attacked me at around 9:45am accusing me of love and sexual affair with another man. His friends had told him that I was in love with one of the businessman in a nearby trading center. Without proof, my husband rushed home to tell me what his friends had told him but he failed to wait for an explaination and quickly he grabbed a big stick near the compound and whipped me in the back and other parts of the body until I fell down bleeding from wounds resulting from the beating but my husband did not stop beating me.

One day later, I lost feeling in my left leg and my neighbor took me to Lacor Health Center III for help when my husband was not around because my condition was detoriating and my husband did not care. After discharge from the hospital, I could not walk well and later my left leg became paralyzed completely. I could not bear the treatment my husband was giving me and I decided to separate with him, I am happy doing my business and sending my three children to school. Though I have progress, December 2010 is unforgettable because each day I wake up I see my leg unable to walk without a crutch.”

This is a story narrated by a female victim of Gender Based Violence from Amuru District. When she was telling this story, tears was rolling down from her eyes and I felt sorry for her. Take it as it is narrated above and we should believe that most women in our society are suffering from various forms of violence in silence.

Compiled by
Egwel Gilbert
WOUGNET- Amuru/Gulu Project
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