Husband returns stolen things after help from organisation

08:03 Sep 5 2011 Dabani sub-country, Busia district, Uganda

My name is Christine Nabwire aged 27 years. I am a resident of Busumba ‘B’ village, Dabani Sub-County, Busia District. My husband {Mr.Ouma Gerald Boda Boda Rider} had stolen my things for Saloon and Hair dressing from the house I used to operate the Business of Saloon with out my corncern because I had gone to visit my aunt in town. When I came back in the evening at around 6:30pm, to open the house nothing was there be it house properties or Saloon things.

Immediately when I noticed that the things were taken by my husband after the neighours telling me that they saw him removing those things from the house. I also waited for him to come back from his work and when he came, I asked him were he had taken those things and the reason why he took them.

In stead of him telling me where he had taken the things he locked the house with the pad lock and told me to go home unit he will get time and come to pick me from parent’s home. I did not reject to go my parents’ home I also went and explained those problems to my mother. My mother got so much concerned because she was the one who bought for me Saloon Kits and gave them to me to start the business of Hair dressing and saloon management.

What my mother did, she told me that there is an NGO called Hope Case Foundation in Busia Municipal Council which implements a Project on Violence against Women and Children so she directed me to their Offices that very very day I went and met the Project Officer, M\s Nafula Judith to whom I explained my problem.

The Project Officer that very day wrote a summon letter requesting my Husband to come at their Offices so that he can let the wife and her mother know where he took those properties of the Saloon and the summon letters were copied to Community Development Officer Dabani Sub-County, In charge Child and Family Protection unit Dabani Police Post, Chairperson Local Council III, Local Council LII and Local Council I and his was given to the Local Council I so that ha can deliver it to him and indeed the Local Council

I promised to come with Mr. Ouma Gerald at the Office to settle that case because he was a notorious man in his village. Finally on that which was on 5th\09\2011 at 9: ooam the CLI turned up with Ouma for the meeting at our Office. In the meeting, my husband was straight forward and us that he took things like 1 Mirrors, 1 Curtain, and 6 Pony birds, 2 Plastic Chairs, 1 Jerrican, 4 Plates, 2 pairs of shoes for my kid, 30,000shs, a Phone for my Mother then he apologized to me and promised to go and bring them where he had taken them the following morning because it was too late when we left the Office to settle our case.

But in that process our Local Council I asked the Project Officer to allow my husband put in writing what he was saying so that in the morning he will have to witness as my husband brings back those properties indeed my husband did so and promised to bring all properties he had taken and later after 1 month he said he will buy a new phone to give it back to my Mother and also promised to stay with me in peace and allow me continue with my business of hair dressing and saloon management.

I really appreciate Hope Case Foundation and Women of Uganda Network for the good work they did for me in my family. Iam very happy because it’s now 3 months since Hope Case Foundation settled our differences and now we are living in peace with my husband.
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