A slave in a husband's house

01:39 Dec 8 2011 Laroo Division, Gulu, Uganda

Married couples are expected to have harmonious living in their homes unlike in prison and where practices of slavery exist. A neighbor to a young married woman with three children in Laroo Division, Gulu Municipality narrated how this young woman was turned into a slave in her own home. Her husband could abuse, beat and isolate her from the neighbors.

Out of the three children, two are boys and the last born a girl who was one and half years old by the time they were still renting in that estate. Her husband had blackmailed her first son who was five years old against the mummy to the extent that when the dad was beating the mammy he could laugh while telling the dad to continue beating the mummy. Her husband could tell the boy that the house he was renting was for him and the two boys not the mummy and the younger sister whom the farther use to refer to them as prostitute and that they are useless.

The woman’s husband had isolated her from all the neighbors and had set his rules towards the woman, one of which was not talking to the neighbors. The man could start a fight with any one he fines near his door, his wife had to sit at the door until he comes back from wherever he had gone and from the drinking joint. When he comes back, the woman gives him food and when everyone had gone to bed, he could start quarrelling and beating the woman chasing her outside and then continue to beat her from outside without a reason. If a neighbor wants to rescue her from the husband cruel actions, the man could abuse that neighbors and if is a man he even accuse him of love affair with his wife and wanting to talk her wife way from him to have sex with.

The beating was on a daily basis and one day he beat the woman and locked the baby inside, the neighbors were pleading with him to let the woman breast feed the young little baby girl who was crying inside helpless but he responded that “let the prostitute cry after role she is useless and I am not her farther”. Later he told the woman to get out her prostitute (the baby girl).

It is unfortunate that this young woman is an orphan, she do not have any close relative to save her from this brutal treatment. Neither the neighbors around could help as they were again being accused of love and sexual affair with the woman. Many incidents of such violence against women are happening but they are untold or disclosed because of fear. “Let’s encourage women and our community not to remain silent on any act of violence happening in their community, let’s end violence against women”

Compiled by
Egwel Gilbert
WOUGNET – Amuru/Gulu Project
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