13:30 Nov 25 2011 Gauteng Province

A 14 year old girl was a victim of cyber-bullying on a South African social networking site called "OuToilet" in June 2010. She was labelled a jintu [whore]. She explained how it made her when she read it. "I felt so bad that as soon as I read it I burst out crying at school and ran to the bathroom with my best friend and missed class for the first three lessons. At break when I went out of the bathroom everyone was staring at me," recalls Richards. She still does not know who posted the hurtful comment about her, and has since become suspicious and distrusting of even her closest friends. "I have never been bothered about what people think of me. Now when I go out I double-check what I'm wearing, who I'm seen with and stuff. It's hard to have a good time when worrying what people think of you."

She continues, "Nowadays being a teenager isn't easy. Parents think the only bad thing is pimples, drugs or alcohol. But it's not. I know people who were suicidal because of bullying on Mxit or OuToilet."

Source: "Online bullies to face the music for harassment"

The Big Issue South Africa 09 March 2011
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