Mansi was stalked by her ex-boyfriend for nearly a year

13:26 Dec 7 2011 USA

Mansi was stalked by her ex-boyfriend for nearly a year. It almost destroyed her life, the 24-year-old event manager says.

He seemed like a nice guy. But Mansi ended up trapped in her home, a nervous wreck. She didn’t dare ask her parents for help, too scared to confess she’d had a boyfriend. Mansi now thinks stalking should be considered a crime.

“Over three years ago I broke up with a guy I had been dating for five months. When we started going out he seemed really nice. But two months into the relationship I realized that he wasn’t as perfect as I had imagined.

“He was super clingy and there were times when he would get mad and start shouting at me one minute and crying and apologising the next. I should have left him sooner, but when he wasn’t mad about something he really did care for me a lot.”
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