Facebook hate campaign

13:09 Aug 3 2012 Nairobi, Kenya

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Nelly Kimani (not her real name) participated in one of a popular reality shows in East Africa ane emerged among the top four contestants. In the show, audiences vote for their favourites. Further, the participants are also expected to openly vote out one fellow contestant each week. Nelly attracted the wrath of the viewing audiences when she voted against a ‘favourite’ contestant of the audiences. Her vote was seen to have carried the day since they were both from the same country.

As a result, her haters created a dedicated facebook page to specifically bash her. This is besides receiving so many messages in her facebook inbox as well as text messages with the same hate content. The result of this is that she did not want to read anything on email and was also afraid to venture into the outside world. She also then suspended her facebook account.

This is a case where an innocent young woman exercised her right of choice in the voting process but because the audience did not side with her, they resorted to unorthodox means of harassing her. A facebook fanpage could have drawn followers from the Eastern Africa region and the insults were because she voted against a male contestant. In the interview with us, she doubted that if the situation had been the other way round where the male contestant would have had the opportunity to vote her out, that it would have attracted the public wrath.
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