Fan Takes A Jab At Kiss FM’s Adelle Onyango Over Her ‘Crooked Teeth’

15:09 Oct 26 2015 Nairobi, Kenya

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Adelle Onyango, is always on the receiving end and has to deal with unwarranted opinions from strangers on a daily basis.Barely a week after a random social media user took shots at her, terming her dressing style ‘immature’, a different one was poking her nose into her business again, but this time around it was about her crooked teeth. (not my words)

Here’s the story. Yesterday evening a jolly Adelle uploaded her picture on her Instagram account congratulating Mseto East Africa on their 1000th show.
A few minutes after she put up the post, one lass by the name Cirabell commented telling her to fix her teeth since she could easily afford it.

She wrote:

Ur pretty, very pretty, just fix your teeth. I’m sure u can more than afford it. Plus ur smile is pretty, just the teeth.

This did not go down so well with Adelle who told her off saying her life must be very sad that is why she had to go around telling people what they should change about themselves.

Adelle wrote:

I don’t subscribe to your definition of beauty or perfection. How sad your life must be to go around pointing out what people must change about themselves.

After that, it was a series of back and forth between the two.

Here are some screenshots from the exchange:
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