Janet Mbugua Hardheartedly Lashes A Social Media User

17:25 Oct 15 2015 Nairobi, Kenya

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dyshical; This is becoming too much even if we cheered at first.kindly Tell your sponsors to take a break and leave that belly for Ndichu not the whole world

officialjanetmbugua ;I can't be jealous of someone who throws in the word 'sponsor' from nowhere. I'm also not saying you're jealous, you just seem confused. I'd appreciate if you'd unfollow me, not a fan of haters on my timeline. Thanks!

adyshcal; it is good to celebrate but too much of something is poisonous. I wonder why we always fear telling the truth to this celebs at times.@officialjanetmbugua has been most disciplined gal but I don't blame her i blame her sponsors for where she is headed

ldyshcal; Ha ha @annie.ed am not telling her to change but hope she gets my weird observation. She is a lovely gal .we adored her even before.she doesn't have to start emulating the Kardashian

officialjanetmbugua ;@ladyshical I don't care for your opinion, you don't have to follow me if you don't like what you see! This is for men and women who celebrate transitions!

officialjanetmbugua ;I'm very happy! Whatever God has in store for me, I'll take it. I think people like @ladshical are very unhappy in their own lives! And yes, very rude!
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