A lady receiving a threatening message from unknown person telling her how her husband is trying to kill her.

09:55 Sep 28 2015 Buruburu Baptist, Rabai Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

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It's a story about a lady who says she constantly receives threatening messages through her phone.

According to her Alice (not her real name)she has been receiving text messages threatening her that she will be killed if she doesn't leave her husband alone.

Part of the text reads,"Nakuambia uwachane na mume wako kwa sababu anapanga kukuangamiza.""Leave alone your husband because he is planning to kill you"

Another text,"Mpenzi wako ana mpenzi mwengine na ako na nia mbaya na wewe""Your husband is having an affair with another women who has ill motive on you".

According to her there's no need for her to report to any security force because she beleives nothing will be done.
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