Sister in-laws' abusive text drives wife away

13:30 Sep 14 2015 Kisii

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A woman in the surbubs of Kisii town is living in fear and confusion for what she terms mistreatment from her sister in-laws.
Christine, not her real name, is reported to have been threatened by her husband's sister through text messages, daring her to stay put if she believed she is the beffiting wife to their brother.
the last of the texts read:
'Usidani manen yakohatuyachui. Umetoa mimba halafu unataka kudanganya ndugu yetu. Sasa umemroga mbaka anafikiri mnapendana. waja tukuche hapo ndio utaona. Hata vmemtafutia bibi musuri sana. Wewe enda kwenu. Mafi wewe.'
Christine says she's found it difficult and meaningless to report the matter to the police as the family is 'well connected' with both judicial and police officials.
The mother of one has resorted to wait and see if the in-laws will surely live their threats.
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