Man threatens to chop off wife's private parts

10:23 Sep 3 2015 Kisii, Kenya

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A middle-aged man has threatened to slash off his three-year wife's private parts if she stayed put in their matrimonial home.
Celestine, from Kisii, says her husband has grown in brutality in the last eight months after she learn t of his dating of another woman. When she confronted him over the matter through phone calls, the calls went unanswered only for him to resurface with a threatening text message which read:
'Sijui mbona unanipigia simu. sitaki kuongea na kondoo kama wewe, unadanganywa nakubali. enda hako kamama kakueke.nataka ujue nimeona wanawake wengi. wewe ni kama wa 20 pklus. wote wakirudi sijui wewe utakuwa wapi. kama wewe ni mwanamke na nusu kaa hapo nikuje nikupate. haki i sure ntakukakata hiso vitu zako. usinipige tena.'
Celestine claims she has reported the matter to the clan elders as word has it the husband is a former convict who escaped from jail. She says if it cant work out with the elders she will just move out with her 1 year old daughter.
That the husband has not paid dowry adds to the complexity of the steps she ought to take.
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