Being groped, harassed and video-taped on Independence Day

10:58 Aug 19 2015 Islamabad, Pakistan

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Islamabad: For anyone who has an ounce of respect for other beings, the 39-second video, which has gone viral in Pakistan, is difficult to watch.

In the said video, while on a crowded street at night, a vile young man drabbed in Pakistani national colours, evidently celebrating August 14th, sexually harasses a burqa clad woman. As his friend watches with a devilish grin wide enough to let an airplane in, he attacks a lady sitting on a bike by grabbing her from behind, gyrating against her, and then continuing the abuse for a several more uncomfortable seconds.

Not sure how this video found its way to the internet, but it is safe to assume that this was only one of the many attacks from these miscreants during that night.
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