Acid attacks: There is no ‘honor’ in committing monstrous crimes against women

13:03 Jul 26 2015 Karachi, Pakistan

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Karachi: R was attacked because her family had not accepted a police constable’s marriage proposal. How odd does that seem to an intelligent, thinking person that we need to explain to people that these are crimes and that there is no honor linked to it at all?

Those of you who read my articles know that I don’t waste my time, or yours, talking about irrelevant things. I’ll talk about the things that make Pakistan weak, domestically and internationally, and give you an understanding that others will not give you.

At least that is what I hope I am doing.

On Chand Raat, Raheela, 19, her 7 month old nephew and her cousin were headed to the market near their home to have mehndi applied for the Eid-ul-Fitr festival. I’m sure no one knew what was about to happen to them once they left the house.

Many of you will know about Raheela’s case, but you may not know all the details to make you effective in raising your voice. Raheela was targeted by another weak example of male masculinity in Pakistan. She was the victim of an acid attack on Chand Raat.

Raheela was attacked by Zeeshan Alias Ali, a police constable posted at the Mubina Town police station, who was upset because her family had not accepted the marriage proposal. Zeeshan is an architect of terror, along with his 3 brothers also police officers at Mubina Town, using their police uniforms as a license to victimize and harass Karachi citizens.

3 days after the incident, I posted the entire situation, as we knew it, on my Facebook page. I’d invite you to take a look at the posting and the comments that came from the over 827,000 people reached. I’ll tell you before you go there, the comments are both painful to read and heartbreaking.

All the victims are currently admitted to Agha Khan University Hospital’s ICU with over 90% of their bodies burnt.

Fariha Noor, who was at the emergency room when the victims were brought in, told us that when we left the hospital, we were all so heartbroken that we didn’t want to celebrate Eid.

That was the story up until then…
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