18:15 Aug 31 2015 Nairobi, Kenya

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A case has been reported to Central police station on 11th August, 2015 pertaining grossly offensive texts contrary to section 29(a)CAP 411 A Laws of Kenya. Lydia,24 years old received grossly offensive texts fromJanet,26 years old as follows: "Wewe malaya hii mbona unaiba nguo zangu kisha unaenda kutega nazo wanaume huko Duruma Road mbwa hii? Nitakupata huko Duruma Road malaya hii. That's when you will learn my true colours" Which translates as(Why do you whore steal my clothes then put them when you go about your prostituting business at Duruma road,you bitch? Wait till I find you there and that'swhen you will learn my true colours.)The case is before Milimani Law Courts as confirmed by inspector Muthoni
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