22:28 Aug 30 2015 Nairobi, Kenya

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Ever since gospel songstress Emmy Kosgei got married to 60-year-old Nigerian apostle Anselm Madubuko, she has been a victim of online violence. When word came out that she was getting married to Madubuko, she was criticised for her choice.

The social media temperatures were unbearable regarding her issue when rumours emerged alleging that she had been having an illicit affair with the preacher, now her husband, prior to the lavish weddings.

Here is a sample of reactions her union got, on social media page Facebook:

Stef”ano Kibata : “Money talks,even christian r da worst now,hiyo si mapenzi yaws! (THAT IS NOT LOVE)

‪Uncore Daudey Roudo‪ : For an old man to marry a young lady is like buying a book for others to read. How i wished i was their neighbour....‬

‪Eskin Ali Hersan‪ : Gold digger‬

‪Erastus 'Instincts': ‪ it was all for the money‬

‪Osborn Tindo‪ : He he he.. That's why she agreed to marry the old man. Money talks!‬

‪Warware Thambura Julio:‪ the guy shd stock viagra kwa wingi-or the lady will do the needful.‬

‪William Kiprono Kigen‪ EMMY KOSGEI IS A DEVILWORSHIPPERwe can exclusively reveal to you thatshe is a chief iluminati lieutenant inkenya. Here is the reasons why1.She was given an option ofmarrying the Africa chief coodinatorof iluminati pastor ANSELEMMADUBUKO or die with her music,she chose the former2.pastor Anselem Madubukos wife# Connie_Madubuko died mysteriouslya year ago and it is believed she wassacrificed3. Now emmy kosgei will do 3weddings! One a traditional one, achurch one in kenya and another onein lagos in a space of 12days!! Whatkind of christian is she? The churchwedding is meant to blind fold uswhile the other two is a ritualorientation to the satanic system4. Have you ever heard emmy kosgeissong 'ALAKARA?' hehehe it has codedmessages that reveal her identity asiluminati5. Emmy Normally wears beads and aspecial kind of hairstyle, in iluminati,your hair should always be keptshort! And the arrangement of thebeads is designed to potray theilluminati colours6. Emmy tried to woe william ruto toa relationship but the illuminatipower operating in her was too weakto break the faith that Ruto has inGod! It broke out acrymoniously,so the next time you hear emmykosgei singing around, dont flow withthe tune, spirits zinakuingia jama‬
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