Nairobi woman politician who has refused to become a victim of haters

19:36 Aug 26 2015 Thika, Kenya

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A NAIROBI woman politician recently stunned a women forum when she narrated how she has been receiving harsh SMS’s from haters.

The haters have ruined her family with ill text messages mostly being received every now and then.

“I’m now used to the messages since I can even receive 300 abusive SMS’s per day. They are sent from 25 different mobile phone numbers,” said the 56-year-old woman politician.

The politician who is from a Kikuyu community has been accused to forging political relationship with Luo community leaders an issued which has angered many.

“They even send to my children and my husband. I have decided not to be a victim of haters and abusers. Why give them that chance by the way,” said the politician.

She says she has reported over 2,700 cases of hate SMS’s to the police.

Some of the messages reads, “Breaking News: The politician (name with held) has been shot dead outside a hotel in Kigali, Rwanda”

Another one would read, “ODM politicians bado wanakutoba bure (are they still fucking you free), fuck you.”

To make matters worse, the messages would still be sent to her children and her husband.

Other text messages would say that they have photographs of her sleeping with men.

Other messages would be sent to the husband abusing him that he is a fool as he is allowing his wife to sleep with Luos.
She started receiving the text abusive messages in year 2008 but in the last three years, they have continued to increase day by day.

And despite her changing numbers, the culprits would still trace the new numbers and continue sending the abusive text messages.

She narrated that at one point, her son who lives in United States of America recently received an SMS that the politician was dead and was making arrangements of travelling home for burial only to realize the last minute that it was false.

She has all along wondered how the culprits have been able to trace the phone numbers of his son who is not in the country.

She says despite reporting the matter to CID nothing has been done since the numbers are sometimes off and whenever the mobile phones are on, they are traced in either in Kitale, Nakuru, Murang’a and Nairobi among other areas making it difficult to arrest the culprits.

The seasoned politician has on the other hand resolved to get out of the social media to avoid further abuses and embarrassment and so she is not on twitter, face book, instagram and on whatsapp.

She advises other women not to allow themselves to be made a victim of abusive text message but move on with their live without giving them a chance.
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