Nominated Senator Joy Gwendo develops thick skin for survival

13:49 Aug 24 2015 Nairobi, Kenya

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She came into the limelight as a nominated senator after the General elections in Kenya in the year 2013. As she recounted to me, that was the beginning of torment and torrents of abuse.

"I feel the media took it too far and the social media users picked it up and used the media reports to abuse me". Says Joy.

The reports ranged from allegations that she was caught as one headline reads " Having sex with a Nigerian man in the car" to "Senator Gwendo - Why I love this married man" and yet another : "Senator Joy Gwendo stole my husband".

According to Joy, the reports were not objective and the reporters did not seek her opinion before going to print. But that, she says was something she could deal with - after all, she is a public figure. What followed ; tonnes of abuse on social media from people unknown to her, was what she was not prepared for.

As one reader comments: "Wow so she is not the innocent angel i thought she was! She is a homebreaker who drives drunkI had thought she was the most honest politician in Kenya."

"Real wicked. Useless spoilers. And short sighted. Joy Gwendo really has it coming. Life is funny that way."

"Whore" was one of the comments and yet another comment simply read "Bitch".

According to Joy, all these were started by political extortionists.

“A fellow party member told me this would happen, and even revealed the perpetrators. But I took it lightly because I thought no sane person could fake such a story.”

She claims that she was approached by a group of individuals in 2013 demanding Ksh. 3 million. When she failed to deliver the money they threatened that they would not rest until she loses her seat in the senate.

“These issues are not from the top leadership of the party. In fact, there has been no complaint letter from the Senate leadership, TNA national office or even the said county office. All the national organs are very happy with my work, both for the party and in the House. In fact, I have received a lot of accolades for outstanding achievements in the short time.” said Gwendo.
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