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"That woman said so many things to me it reduced me to ground level, I lost my self esteem. " Lisa.

Lisa (34) met Kevin at her work place and they immediately strike it off. They became close, good friends and this quickly metamorphosed into a love affair. According to Lisa, she did not know that Kevin was married and only learned about it when the abusive messages from Wairimu started to pour in.

Wairimu revealed that she was Kevin's wife and that Lisa should stop seeing Kevin immediately. By this time, Lisa was pregnant and was at a loss. She confronted Kevin and Kevin confirmed that indeed he was married and was ready to marry Lisa as his second wife. The two, being from the Luo community that supports polygamy saw nothing wrong with this arrangement.

Lisa later came to know from Wairimu's text messages that she was stalking her. Wairimu knew where Lisa lived, knew about her sister who had been married for 8 years who had no child and she (Wairimu) called her barren in her messages.

Wairimu also had learnt that Lisa's other sister was terminally ill and she immediately took to sending Lisa messages that emotionally hurt Lisa so bad - for example in one of the messages she claimed:

"Your sister ................she is dying of HIV/AIDS. Is that why you are with my husband? To make him sick too? Like your sister? Rot in hell".

The abusive messages started in 2009 and have never stopped to date.

In January 2010, Lisa sought a transfer from her town to the capital city to be away from all the negativity around her. In March 2010, Lisa went into labour and unfortunately had a still birth. Her son was laid to rest at the Lang'ata cemetery. That same day, Wairimu sent the most hurtful message to Lisa - "That bastard had to die. This is just the beginning". How Wairimu knew about Lisa's son's demise is still a mystery to Lisa.

When Lisa's sister passed on in the later months of 2011, she (Wairimu) sent a message of jubilation. "One down. You are next". Was her conclusion. Even as she mourned Lisa was not free of Wairimu's messages.

When I contacted Lisa about this interview, she took a long time to respond. When she finally did, her response was

" I will talk to you when I can, just mentioning that has made me so sad"

Two days later, she finally agreed to talk.

Throughout the interview, she cried. The worst part, she says, is that Wairimu attacked her at her lowest - every time.

Wairimu still sends her messages to date. She can go three days without sending any and when she does, she will send at least 10 in one day. Some, Lisa says, that hurt so bad that she can never share with anyone.
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