Teacher, a victim of identity theft

13:33 Aug 14 2015 Manila

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A Facebook post has been making rounds on the internet about a student of an Institute of Technology school.

there was a student in Mapua who made a fake Facebook Account of his/her professor and announced na there was no class that day. Brilliant, really. Stupid was the student for he/she did not do it in a computer shop. He/She forgot that he/she studies in Mapua Institute of Technology. There, his/her IP address was traced. He was expelled.”

According to the post of John (an acquaintance of the teacher) he allegedly saw Ms. Gena Aquino‘s post regarding a student of hers who made a fake account of hers on Facebook to suspend the class.

Ms. Gena,–who reached out to us in When In Manila (.com)–confirmed that the incident in fact happened.

Here is her statement regarding the issue. They were able to know who the fake account belonged to with the help of the DOIT or the Development Office for Information Technology. She reiterates that they DID NOT expel the student in question. They have dealt with the issue in a private setting.

John, who originally posted about the issue immediately retracted his statement and apologized to Ms. Gena. Though Ms. Gena reverberates that “Damage has been done.”
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