Uproar over circulation of bhang-in-underwear photos

08:18 Aug 8 2015 Nyeri, Kenya

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After the shameful exposition of the bhang-in-underwear students, many parents with secondary school going children have reasons to wonder what form of activities their children engage in away from home without their knowledge.
And there are many more questions that are still answered after social media users shared and re-shared the pictures of the naked school girl who was humiliated for the whole world to see.
One question that begs for an answer is who circulated the pictures of the girl? Fingers have been pointed at the police for this action. But why would they have done such a thing?
If it’s indeed the police, then they should be held accountable to what they did.
Most people empathize with the parents of the young adults, for having their teenage girls to drop their pants for a photographer. What the public wants to know is who took the picture.
Even if the police were trying to show that the girl had hidden rolls of marijuana in her underwear, the pictures taken in such fashion would be of no evidential value in any court.
Recovery of the drugs and identification of the individual found in possession would suffice.
The police officers who committed this outrageous crime against young girl and then compounded it by circulating the photographs must themselves be called to account.
They must be dismissed from the Police Service and further charged with the appropriate criminal offence.
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