Woman charged in court for sending HATE email to her husband’s mpango wa kando

09:48 Aug 7 2015 Nairobi, Kenya

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A woman by the name Vallen Sekeyian Yiale stood before a Nairobi court yesterday facing three counts of sending hate email messages to her husband’s girlfriend (mpango wa kando). the woman was accused of sending three different offensive emails to the woman who was ‘stealing’ her husband. One of her emails dated 22/ 02/ 2014, and sent to a Gladis Kapon Ntiato stated:

You are nothing to Dapash, but a s*x toy.. You want money from Dapash, and of course he wants s*x from you.. I will teach you a lesson. I hope Collin will help me locate you. You mentioned in your emails going to South C, I know now you live there

Another subsequent email sent by Vellen Sekeyian to the same woman read:

You are sleeping with my husband so that he can pay bills for you, and support another man’s baby, right? If you are real woman and not a M***, come home and don’t allow him to f*** you in the hotels. I will make you regret the day you met him.
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