Media girl in court for sending 500 nasty texts to ‘police lovers'

10:43 Jun 12 2015 Kakamega, Kenya

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Nairobi based media practitioner Sheila Mulinya has been summoned to appear before a Kakamega court for allegedly sending more than 500 abusive messages to an AP Inspector and a female constable.

Mulinya claimed she was provoked when the alleged Inspector’s lover sent her 32 offensive text messages which she reported at Kabete Police Station in Nairobi.
The couple, James and Brenda, say in their plaint that Mulinya allegedly propagated 400 texts to the AP constable and 156 to the Inspector threatening to ‘occasion untold harm’.
The messages, the plaint reads, were made with extreme vitriol, malice and recklessness and include allegations that Brenda has procured a series of abortions, is silly, stupid and incestuous.
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