15:28 Mar 21 2014 Kisumu, Kenya

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With the modern technological advancement across the globe, cases of gender based violence have rapidly been on the rise.

The recent one being where a married woman received a short text message from a lady who allegedly stated that she had been secretly dating her husband.

According to the text message, one Thomas Otieno Amimo is the man caught between what has become the genesis and progression of 'sms related Abuse' in the modern day society.

The following is an excerpt of the text
Madam, stop insolting me ok! we nika sana.kama kuma yako imeja maji kausha na ndimu.ama umfunge na kamba.imagine nina watoto wake 4 by now am expecting another child.madam ur playing with fire. i love Thomas Otieno Amimo wacha panganga.
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