Ex-digital manager allegedly hacks Veena Malik's Twitter account

10:18 Jan 5 2014 Karachi, Pakistan

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Karachi: Actor Veena Malik's Twitter account has been hacked by her former Digital Manager Prashant Singh.

According to Veena Malik’s International Press Relations Manager Sohail Rashid, the actor’s Twitter account was hacked by her former Digital Manager Prashant Singh. Rashid accused Singh of posting personal pictures of Malik on her twitter account. He added that Singh was responsible for handling digital media in India.

Malik’s press relations manager that Singh had claimed that Malik was a shareholder with him in business and ran away with money that was his. Malik has refuted these claims, adding that he was blackmailing her for money.

Malik said she will speak to the Mumbai police about this. She said “hacking someones account qualifies as cyber crime,” adding that she will also file a complaint in this regard.

Rashid said Singh’s actions were wrong, adding that he was not being professional and that “personal matters should be kept separate from business.”

Malik has made a new account on twitter where her husband Asad Bahir Khan has tweeted about the account being hacked, requesting her followers to ignore all fake accounts.
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