Teacher Violence to Student Because of Grades

13:28 Oct 17 2013 Sauyo Novaliches,QC,Philippines

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There's a student namely "Bambi," not her true name. She is studying at a High School in Quezon City. Her adviser is "Mr. B." he is a math teacher. when Bambi failed her grades, because we all know that Math is really hard to catch up and due to her absences, this math teacher took advantage of "Bambi" and had a sex-intercourse with her teacher so that she will pass."Bambi need to pass because she is like "paaral/pinapaaral lang"of her work. While they were having sex, a student took videos and photos. They posted the video on the internet/social media and this issue spread to school so her teacher or Mr.B had to leave the school because of the incident.
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