Rape victim's images made public

15:18 Apr 18 2013 Badin, Pakistan

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Badin: Images of a 9 year old rape survivor have gone viral on Facebook and Twitter after someone posted her pictures on social media.
According to the details, someone photographed a 9 year old rape survivor in Badin district, Sindh when she was brought to the hospital for medical checkup.
As per law and social norms, nobody has a right to make the identity of a survivor public and upload on social media platforms. It is extremely important to protect the girl child and her identity for inherent risks to her life and future.
Civil society organizations and activists have strongly condemned the posting and have requested people not to share these pictures stating that if they really want to help that child, their first task should be to protect her and her identity, and not vice versa.
This incident is another example that how irresponsible use of social media can negatively impact and add to the plight of VAW survivors.
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