Marvi Sirmed receive cyber threats

14:48 Nov 8 2012 Islamabad, Pakistan

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Islamabad: Pakistani pro-democracy human rights activist, columnist and freelance journalist has been repeatedly targeted by extremist groups in form of cyber bullying, cyber and physical threats, and direct and indirect physical harm as well. She has many defaming campigns running against her on different social media forums, some of them containing fake and inappropriate pictures of her, but Marvi has been ignoring all these threats and maligning campaigns vows to stand by her causes undeterred. She and her family live in constant danger of being victimized even more seriously and physically.

On November 2, Marvi survived an assassination attack while traveling with her husband.

Most recently, she has received a direct death threat in the comments section of her blog []. While at times, such threats are desperate attempts at trolling, these should under no circumstances be taken lightly and must be immediately reported. We wish Marvi safety for herself and her family.
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