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The Eastern African Sub-regional Support Initiative for the Advancement of Women (EASSI) is conducting a massive SMS Women's Day campaign. EASSI is a woman's organisation that monitors the commitments Governments in the Eastern African countries have made to advancing women's concerns. The SMS campaign reflects on the girl child in Kenya and the region that has suffered unbearable atrocities as a result of the post-election violence. We stand together with her and others and offer our support to Kenya and the region for peace and political progress.

Final Message of the 16 Days of Activism SMS campaign, 2007

Dear all, As we have come to the end of the 16 Days SMS campaign against violence against women, I'd like to thank all that participated. We had over 170 participants drawn from 13 countries on 5 continents (Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Sweden, The Netherlands, Uganda, UK, USA, Zimbabwe). The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence was international campaign. For 2007, the global theme for the 16 Days of Activism is "Demanding Implementation, Challenging Obstacles: End Violence Against Women".

SMS Messages for 10 December 2007

SMS 53: Labour pains are enough to make a woman claim her happiness. Stop violating her rights. Etheldreda, St. Bruno doll making group SMS 54: Women also have a right to life. Battering them is an offence. Please rescue where needed. Immelda, IWOGU, Uganda SMS 55: We are also able to do what men do. Stop harassing. Let’s join hands for a better world. Joan Baropok, Apac, Uganda SMS 56: We must continue fighting for women's equality on all fronts most importantly liberating women from violence. Solome Nakaweesi-Kimbugwe, AMwA, Uganda

SMS Messages for 9 December 2007

SMS 46: Many women toil much for their families but they don’t enjoy what they are toiling for. After gathering, men sell everything. Beeda, Kabale, Uganda SMS 47: Liberate women total: Focus debate on personal level to issues such as sexuality, women's bodily integrity and sexual orientation that are the core of violence against women and discrimination. Solome Nakaweesi-Kimbugwe, AMwA, Uganda SMS 48: Fellow Women, do you own and control your body? If not, join the campaign to end violence against women and reclaim back your body! Solome Nakaweesi-Kimbugwe, AMwA, Uganda

SMS Messages for 8 December 2007

SMS 41: Ladies, walk out the 1st time you get hit please don't wait for a 2nd time because you may never live to see the 3rd. A man who respects himself respects a woman too, ladies open your eyes; don't get blinded by petty love. Men, try mental power not physical, it’s more challenging and safer too. Natalie Kimbugwe, Uganda

SMS Messages for 7 December 2007

SMS 35: Fellow women, let’s speak out until violation of our rights is stopped. Please men, stop bribing us with flowers and sweets after violating our rights, that’s why we have to speak out now. Men and women, join hands together and fight against violence in homes. Etheldreda, St. Bruno doll making group, Uganda SMS 36: She never came down from the head to be above you. Not from the feet to be stepped on. But from the rib to be equal. Near the heart … to be loved. Under your arm to be protected. Nasser Isiiko, Uganda

SMS Messages for 6 December 2007

SMS 27: Embrace harmony in the family – prevent domestic violence. Cissy Nyarwa, Uganda SMS 28: Key is a good, respectful and safe childhood – stop child abuse now. Johan Hellström, Sweden SMS 29: Fellow men, let us wake up & join the campaign against Women Violence/Gender Based Violence! It is not a struggle for women alone. Women are unique & special human beings with rights who must be accorded dignity & respect. John Paul Edoku, Hope After Rape (HAR), Uganda SMS 30: Womens' Rights are human rights: Stop violence against women. Solome Nakaweesi-Kimbugwe, AMwA, Uganda

SMS Messages for 5 December 2007

SMS 24: The campaign is welcome mostly when it comes to the rural women and they should be helped to know the law and their rights. Irene Nabakiibi, Uganda SMS 25: Invitation to public presentation on “Wife killing by husbands in Uganda: An affirmation of (skewed) masculinity?” by Associate Professor Lillian Tibatemwa - Kekirikubinza at Grand Imperial Hotel on 6th December at 8.30am.

SMS Messages for 4 December 2007

SMS 22: Ogwo mukazi ni muhara nari munyanya wa bandi nibamukunda nkoku iwe orikukunda owawe muhara nari munyankyoko (Translation: That woman is someone’s daughter or sister treasured as you do your own daughter or sister). Rehema Baguma, Uganda SMS 23: Negative and cultural attitudes & practices should immediately be condemned by all governments and UN. Women should also stand out to defend their rights. Cissy Nyarwa, Ntulume Village Women's Development Association (NVIWODA), Uganda

SMS Messages for 3 December 2007

SMS 19: A woman is like any other human being who needs to be treated fairly like you and any pain caused on her hurts her like u when you are in pain. Therefore woman violence should end this 2007 and we start with a happy and smiling woman 2008. Deborah Kulabako, Uganda SMS 20: Men of quality are not afraid of equality. Hope Turyasingura, Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP)
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