Violence - Take Back The Tech! Riereta & Encosianima video mashup on violence against women


Build the campaign with your thoughts, ideas, words and imagination. Create and share digital postcards. Find out more about the reality of violence against women by watching digital stories. Blog with us. Upload and share video and audio clips. Create your own Take Back The Tech! campaign.
Local campaign profile: 

This video was created by Valentina Messeri, from Riereta and Encosianima, as part of their Take Back The Tech! 16 days of activism against violence against women campaign.

It was made from YouTube videos of public campaigns against violences agains women, which means taking video clips from campaigns organised by NGOs and governments campaigns and mixing it into a kind of slideshow.

Valentina edited them using cinelerra (free software for video), added the red titles and used a song about violence against women created by campaign members, Anularz (Nuria and Manu), called "Scream in silence".

According to the campaigners, the video "was made to help for sensibilisation of violence against women in general and in tech environments as well. It also had the intention to be in a useful format for web embeding and so on...and licensed free to be spread easily. It was created to be accessible and at the front page in Riereta web site for the 25th of november 2008, but it has no year or data so it can be used at any time. As it is stated in the video, both video and song are all registered under free licences, so...feel free to share it and upload them to your webs and so on! ;)"