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Film Anonymous

Filmmakers Anonymous
Filmmakers Anonymous is a gathering of new and emerging films; compiled, not curated, from among like-minded people who are just addicted to making films - for whatever noble or twisted reasons.

APC Africa Women (AAW)

Women'sNet conducted a Women's Electronic Network Training (WENT) Digital Story Telling workshop for APC-Africa-Women (AAW), on 25-29 August 2007 The workshop aimed to create content by and for women, develop content for Take Back the Tech initiative which aims to reclaim ICTs to end violence against women during the 16 Days of Activism (25 November to 10 December), develop the ICT skills and capacity of women, strengthen organisations and enable women to share and network amongst each other One blog entry written taking random sentences from the first day of story circle:


Akcija Zdruzenska

International "16 Days of Activism Against violence of " / November 25 –December 10, 2007 Demanding Implementation, Challenging Obstacles: End Violence Agains Women This year campaign You have right! Demand protection from domestic violence, will be implemented as a mutual action from Akcija Zdruzhenska, ESE, National SOS Phone Line for victims, ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and Ministry of Interior.

University of the Philippines Mindanao Gender Committee

The UP Mindanao Gender Committee focuses on academic, research, extension, and advocacy related to gender issues that would contribute to establishing gender responsive and women-friendly school services in Mindanao.

Take back the tech! campaigns

  • United Kingdom
    The Take Back the Tech! banner proudly marches in London Take Back the Night! actions every year since 2007, when Take Back the Tech UK first organised.